Kasse Décor is in the business of creating artisan interiors

Is your newly acquired residential or commercial property a blank canvas waiting to be utilized in the most functionally smart and aesthetically pleasing way? Kasse cohesively designs interior spaces with a creative artisan edge and efficiently installs with keen attention paid to details.

Kasse Décor studies the potential of the living or working structure and designs an imaginative interior that adds your personality or brand to a space you can dream and identify with. Our effort is to greatly enhance appeal and value with highly personalized and stand-out interiors.

Staging and Model Units by Bid

Today’s real estate industry needs trendsetting staged model units like Kasse provides where the buyer is visually awakened and inspired. Kasse’s stylized design gives high priority to: inviting spacious living; complimenting featured architecture; affording eye-catching current furniture--accent trends; and relying on a designer’s artistic touch that excites buyers to want the property they see themselves happily living in. Our furnished units have a history of high volume sales.